A checklist to make your own learning plan

A research-backed checklist to learn anything you want.



I published my Eight Big Ideas of Learning article (also full version) about a month ago. The article attracted broad interest. Several people asked me how to act on those ideas.

If you’re an independent learner like me, you’re creating your own plan and also following that plan. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Let’s make it easier. Here’s some steps you can follow to create and follow your own research-backed learning plan!

The numbers in brackets refer to the sections in the Ideas article. Check that out if you need more clarification. You don’t need to do all of these things to learn effectively. Take what’s relevant and ignore the rest.

Before you start learning the subject

Before you start a learning session

While you learn

To review weekly

Ask meta-cognitive questions [6.3]… (There is no right answer to these. Just asking is enough.)

Wrap Up

Learning is hard, and learning alone can be difficult. It can be difficult to stay motivated and keep going towards your goal. If you follow some of the ideas on this list, you can learn more easily, more deeply, and more quickly.

See the full article for more resources. Thanks for reading! Feedback is welcome.

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